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Q: How many teams are in the league?

A: The summer league consists of 10 Divisions (Men’s A, B, C, D, E, & F and Women’s A, B, C, & D) with 6-10 teams per division. The winter league consists of 5 Divisions (Men’s A, B, & C and Women’s A & B) with 4-6 teams per division.

Q: Where are games played?

A: All games are played at U of R in the Summer and at REAL AffinityPlex in the Winter.

Q: Are games officiated?

A: Yes. We have 2 officials assigned to each game and up to 4 during playoffs.

Q: What is the schedule like?

A: We generally play all division games on one night a week at U of R/AffinityPlex.

  • Summer: Monday & Tuesday nights.
  • Winter: Sunday nights.

Q: Will players be allowed to play on more than one team?

A: No. Players are not allowed to play on multiple teams or divisions.

Q: What is the difference between divisions?

A: There are multiple Men’s & Women’s divisions and can be described as below:

  • The top divisions are usually composed of athletic players that have football/athletic experience (tackle, touch, flag) at junior or university level or 5+ years of flag or touch football experience. 
  • Mid level divisions are composed of good athletes with high school athletic experience and some post-secondary, or about 2-3 years’ experience in flag or touch leagues.
  • Low level divisions is for casual players that have an understanding of the game and want to improve their skills.
  • The lowest level division is for players and teams new to the league (before they move up divisions) and for players who just want to enjoy flag and not necessarily compete as much as the other divisions.

Q: How do the playoffs work?

A: Dependent on division size, but usually all teams in the division will make the playoffs.

Q: What statistics will you be keeping?

A: We are tracking the following statistics:

  • QB Ratings
  • Completions/Incompletions
  • Receiving yards & TDs
  • Passing yards & TDs
  • Rushing yards & TDs
  • Interceptions & TDs
  • Sacks
  • Flag Pulls

Q: Will there be awards for winning a division?

A: Yes. We will award trophies, beer, and cash prizes in playoffs.