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  • All penalties are 5-yards, the down will be repeated, and will be assessed from the line of scrimmage unless otherwise noted.
  • In a single penalty application, all penalties may be declined except dead ball fouls, major fouls, and penalties that stop the current play (flag guarding, delay of pass, etc.)
  • In a multiple penalty situation against one team, penalties that stop the play may be declined by the non-offending team if they choose to accept another penalty.
  • Yardage on penalties, except Major fouls, will not exceed half the distance to the opposing team’s goal line from the line of scrimmage. The yardage on a Spot Foul is assessed from where the infraction took place. The ball can never be placed closer than the 1-yard line.
  • Game officials determine incidental contact that may result from normal run of play.
  • Games cannot end at half time or the end of the game on an accepted penalty.
  • Penalties after an interception shall be assessed after the return is over and/or the play is blown dead.
  • Defensive spot of fouls penalties that occur behind the line of scrimmage will be applied at the line of scrimmage instead of the spot.
  • If a dead ball foul occurs after a scoring play, the non-offending team will get the choice to apply the yardage to the convert or to the start of the next possession.

Defensive Penalties

  • Offside – player(s) lined up across or crossing the Line of Scrimmage at the snap of the ball.
  • Disconcerting Signals – signals to distract or simulate offensive signals prior to snap.
  • Illegal Rushing – Crossing the line of scrimmage from inside the 7-yard rusher bean bag provided the ball has not been faked, pitched, or lateralled.
  • Pass Interference – both contact & non-contact that interferes with an offensive player catching a ball while it is in air, also includes screening & pushing off at Spot of Foul (Automatic First Down).
  • Illegal Contact – physical contact such as impeding, redirecting, obstruction, blocking, holding, & tackling as well as any lower body contact with an offensive player throwing the ball at Spot of Foul
  • (Automatic First Down).
  • Illegal Flag Pull – Pulling a flag of a player before they have the ball. Spot of Catch if caught, LOS if dropped (Automatic First Down).
  • Roughing the Passer – any contact with the passer’s arm, head, or neck area while throwing the ball, including the ball in the passer’s hand. 10-yard penalty (Automatic First Down).

Offensive Penalties

  • Delay of Game – ball is not snapped within 25 seconds. Play whistled dead. Clock stops.
  • Delay of Pass – ball is not passed by Quarterback in 7 seconds, play whistled dead. (Next Down)
  • Offside – player(s) lined up across or crossing the LOS at the snap of the ball.
  • Illegal Snap – Center lifting or moving ball to simulate a snap. Play whistled dead (Next Down).
  • Flag Guarding, Jumping or Diving – ball carrier uses any part of their body or ball to prevent flags from being pulled or advancing the ball, play is whistled dead at Spot of Foul. (Next Down)
  • Rusher Interference – impeding a rusher’s direct path to Quarterback.
  • Interference – impeding, redirecting, obstruction, blocking with no contact, play whistled dead at Spot of Foul.
  • Illegal Contact – physical contact such as impeding, redirecting, obstruction, blocking, holding & tackling (Loss of Down).
  • Pass Interference – both contact & non-contact that interferes with a defensive player’s catching a ball while it is in air, also includes screening, pushing off and pick plays (Loss of Down).
  • Illegal Running Play – a quarterback running with the ball across the Line of Scrimmage without any transfer of the ball. Play whistled dead.
  • Illegal Forward Pass – when a second forward pass occurs, or when a forward pass occurs after the ball has crossed the Line of Scrimmage. Play whistled dead. (Next down).

General / Major Penalties

  • Illegal Participation – A player who goes out of bounds shall not participate further in that play unless that player went out of bounds as a result of a slippery field, contact with an opponent, or a missed flag pull.
  • This is a LOD penalty if committed by the offense and Repeat Down penalty if committed by the defense.
  • Illegal Substitution – Any offensive player substitution after the center is prepared to snap the ball and any defensive player substitution during the play.
  • Game Interference – any substitute players, coaches or spectators interfering with ball, player or official while ball is in play.
  • Leaving Team Area – players or coaches leaving their designated team sideline area or crossing the middle of the field into the opponent’s team area.
  • Objectionable Conduct – players, coaches, teams or spectators using profane language or gestures, threats, demeaning or intimidating remarks & actions, persistent arguments, fake injuries, delay of game or targeting players to initiate contact will result in a 5-yard penalty. Any player, coach, team or spectator receiving a second Objectionable Conduct penalty during a game will be ejected from that game.
  • Major Foul – Any obscene act, acts of roughness, or unfair play by players, coaches, teams, or spectators will result in a 15-yard penalty being assessed against their team as well as LOD or AFD from the appropriate spot. If the intent of the infraction was to cause bodily harm, or unfair play has made a mockery of the game, the penalty can result in a game ejection. Major fouls cannot be declined and must always apply their yardage in full. They will be applied after all live ball penalties have been assessed.

Multiple Penalties

  • In a situation where only one team commits multiple live-ball penalties the non-offending team will accept only one of the penalties to be applied.
  • When both teams commit one or more penalties in the same play, the down shall be replayed from the previous line of scrimmage- regardless of yardage or point of application (LOS vs spot). The only exception to this is Major Fouls which must be accepted and their