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Official Football Canada Rule Book:
2024 Rulebooks & Rule Changes - Football Canada



  • Team must provide two different coloured jerseys/shirts with distinct visible numbers on the back and/or front for stats purposes.
  • Footballs will be provided for each game. Team can use their own ball as long as it is the same size as the league ball.
  • Regina AFFL will provide the flags & belts.

Rules & Restrictions

  • All players on your team MUST BE registered online and are 18 years of age or older as of December 31st, of the current year.
  • The league will follow the football Canada flag football rules. Some rules have been adapted to align with the Regina AFFL and the facilities available.
  • Fair Play Rating: If a team receives a rating below “B”, the team cannot participate in playoffs. No league fees will be returned for missed playoff games.
  • Game ejections will carry the following penalties:
  • 1st Offence – current game + 1, $50 team fine.
  • 2nd Offence – current game + 4, $50 team fine.
  • 3rd Offence – current game + 12 month suspension, $100 team fine + $100 re-post prior to next season.
  • Any player suspended 3 times during 1 calendar year will be on probation; any 3 further suspensions over a two year period will result in permanent removal from the league.
  • Any team fine issued will be taken off the team’s performance bond.

 Schedule & Attendance

  • If a team is unable to make a scheduled game, we ask that you give the league a minimum of 7 days notice to allow for rescheduling.
  • If a team does not show up for a game with no notice, they will lose thier entire performance bond. If it occurs again in the same season they will be removed from the league.
  • Players MUST be in attendance for 2 games in the winter season and 3 games in the summer season to be eligible for playoffs. Extra players cannot be brought in.
  • Injury Clause: The only exception to becoming eligible for playoffs is if a player had a major injury (surgery, broken bones, etc.) and was still at the minimum required amount of games on the sideline watching. The league needs to be notified via email of a players injury when it occurs with the intent that the player will be able to return at some point for playoffs.
  • If a team plays a game with an unregistered or illegal player, they will forfeit that game and their performance bond.
  • Players cannot play for more than one team.
  • Players & captains must check in with the stats person to confirm they were in attendance and receive stats.

Fees & Performance Bond

  • A NON-REFUNDABLE $500 team deposit is due when a team is registered, as this secures a team’s registration in the league. If a team fails to pay the remaining fees and/or drops out with no team filling their spot, the $500 will not be returned.
  • Each team is required to provide a $200 performance bond with their team fees. This bond will be used to cover the costs of facilities, officials, and other game day expenses, upon a team’s failure to attend a scheduled game (regular season & playoffs).  It will also be used to cover any team fines issued during the season. If two scheduled games are missed with no notice, the team will be removed from the league.

Facilities & Officials

  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at U of R or REAL AffinityPlex at any time during the season, unless sold by the facility or the Regina AFFL.
  • There will be a ZERO tolerance for any sort of abuse towards officials.
  • Each player will adhere to the rules & regulations of the University of Regina, FC Regina, & REAL.
  • Players must adhere to the principles of fair play:
    • Respect the rules of the game
    • Respect the officials and their decisions
    • Respect the opponents
    • Maintain self-control at all times



  • Players should be wearing a jersey/shirt with numbers on the back for stats purposes. If players are not wearing numbers stats will not be recorded for that player.
  • Teams must have Home and Away jerseys/shirts. Home will be designated the dark colour and Away will be designated the lighter colour.
  • Flags must be completely visible without obstruction from equipment or jerseys at all times.
  • Flags must be on the side of the hips in the middle.
  • AFFL footballs will be available to use for games but teams may use their own if they are leather and regulation size (Wilson F-2000 U Sports Football for reference)
  • AFFL uses F2000 Wilson footballs
  • No metal tip cleats.

Field Dimensions and Markings

  • Length: 65 yards
  • Width: 25 yards
  • End Zones: 10 yards deep
  • No-running zones: Marked 5 yards from each end zone.
  • No-Run Zones are always in play, even after a penalty.


  • Touchdown: 6 points
  • Extra point: 1 point (played from 5-yard line)
  • 2 points (played from 10-yard line)
  • Safety: 2 points
  • A win constitutes 2 pts, a tie 1pt, a loss 0 pts

Note: An interception return to opponent’s end zone on any extra-point play by the defense will result in the defense scoring 2 points plus gaining possession for the next series at its own five yard line.

Number of Players

  • 5 players on the field at a time.
  • Teams may play with a minimum of four (4) players (due to injuries).
  • If less than 4 players are available, the game is cancelled and the team without enough players will forfeit.


  • Game length is 50 minutes running time (two halves, 25 minutes each). If the score remains tied at the end of regulation, a tie will be rewarded with each team receiving one point.
  • Each time the ball is spotted the offence has 25 seconds to snap the ball.
  • On converts, the ball will be automatically placed for a 1pt convert until the scoring team decides if they will go for a 1pt or 2pt convert. The 20 second clock will begin once the ball is placed, regardless if the team has chosen a convert or not.
  • Each team has 1 x 60-second time outs per half. The clock stops during a time out. These cannot be carried over to the second half or overtime.
  • Officials can stop the clock at their discretion. (i.e. if there’s an injury)
  • The teams will be warned when there is 2 minutes left, games cannot end on a defensive penalty.
  • When a play clock is visible, time will expire when the time runs out. However, one more play will be given if the ball is set for the next play, or in the possession of the officials.
  • 1pt & 2pt Converts do not count as a play.
  • There will be a halftime period of 2 minutes between the first and second half. This can be shortened at the discretion of the officials.
  • Games cannot end on an accepted penalty.
  • Post-Season Overtime rules:
    • Overtime is split into two periods. The first period shall consist of 2 series with each team putting the
      ball in play by a snap at the middle line for one series of downs (no first down at middle). Should the
      defense score during the first series, other than on the try, then the extra period is over.
    • If teams are still tied after the first period, teams will get 1 play to score 1 Extra Point from the 5-yard “No
      Run Zone” line at 1 end zone that is chosen by the officials. If the game is still tied after each team has
      completed their play, then the teams will repeat period 2 until a winner is declared when 1 team scores
      and the other does not


  • During regular season standings are determined by win % in the current division.
  • Once the regular season has concluded there may be tied win % between teams. Win % ties are determined in this order:
    • Head-to-Head match ups.
    • IF H2H are tied, we look at the total point differential in their games against each other.
    • IF the point differentials are also tied, we go to the overall +/-.